On Mother's Day we celebrate the women that selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their money on their tweens or trying to keep their teenagers on the straight and narrow, they always put others before themselves. So, spoil mom this Mother's Day with one of these amazing gifts…or both!


Massage Candle

Burning this candle, releases the warm flavours of orange and cinnamon that creates a welcoming scent in any room. Wait for the heat to transform the intensely moisturising essential oils into liquid and pour onto your body for a nourishing body massage. Mom's skin will feel soft, smooth and deliciously fragrant.


Rooibos extract:
Rich in antioxidants for younger-looking skin. It also soothes skin irritations and allergies.

Soyabean oil:
A rich source of vitamin E and may be helpful in relieving dry skin and eczema. A natural oil that is bio-degradable and thus environmentally friendly.

How to use the Massage Candle:

Simply light the candle and wait about 20 to 30 minutes until a melted pool forms;
Extinguish candle,wait a few seconds for the oil to cool down;
Dip fingers in to oil and apply directly to the skin;
Massage the warm oil into your skin for smooth,soft and pleasantly scented skin.It has wonderful effects on dry spots like elbows and heels.

LimitedEditionBalanceTea50gina VintageGiftingTin:

This deliciously fragrant Rooibos and cinnamon tea is not only a delicious and refreshing drink, but also useful for balancing blood sugar and may even assist with appetite control. Spoil your mom with this special Rooibos and Cinnamon tea in a vintage collector's tin.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon: 

•Helps to balance blood sugar.
•Just ½ teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower cholesterol.
•Boosts cognitive function and memory.
•Great source of manganese, fibre, iron and calcium.
•Helps fight colds, flatulence, nausea, diarrhoea and painful menstrual periods.
•Improves energy, vitality and circulation.
•Useful for people who tend to feel hot in their upper body, but have cold feet.
•Helps improve the digestion of fruit, milk and other dairy products.
•Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.